2017. szeptember 4., hétfő

DevFest Budapest 2017

The first GDG DevFest tech conference in Hungary, organized by the GDG Budapest community!
All these will be presented by experts from the international Google tech community and prominent Hungarian developers .

This is a not for profit event - however we have to cover venue and catering cost, and we limited the number of the sponsors to keep our freedom to chose the hottest topics. This is the reason we collect a small fee (if anyone interested on our budget, just contact me, I am ready to share details to help other groups to organize similar events) .
Fees include buffet lunch, softdrinks and snacks.
9:00 - 10:40
Kassai Csaba (DoctuSoft) - Building a Data Warehouse in the Google Cloud
Tőzsér Tamás (DoctuSoft) - Why should Spanner excite you?
Sipos Gergely (DoctuSoft) - Angular 2+ components with RxJS
10:40- 11:00 coffee break
Balogh Tamás (AutSoft) - Secure Android Applications - What a developer must care about
Danny Preussler – ViewModel and Architecture Components
12:10-13:00 Lunch
Polacsek Attila (Supercharge) Android and Flux: It's a match!
Daniele Bonaldo - Build a clock that writes you the time with Android Things
14:10:14:30 coffee break
Bob van Luijt - A Semantic Internet of Things
Geurts Dennis - Android Things - Peripheral I/O
Balázs Gerlei (AutSoft ) - Flutter - true cross-plaform solution or just a tool for prototyping?
16:10-16:30 Break
Nik Page – User Experience Strategy
MTT Presentation
Some of our Speakers:
Dannyi Preusler, Google Developer Expert, https://goo.gl/ZsmUNh
Nik Page, Google Developer Expert, https://goo.gl/rKyKCt
9:00 - 17:00
Bring Your computer and try Google Codelabs: https://goo.gl/johU5w

You can buy tichets here or directly on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/gdg-devfest-budapest-2017-tickets-36953293295 
VAT Invoice - We will send the VAT invoice from a different system (szamlazz.hu), please provide business details at registration.
Tickets enquiry form:
https://goo.gl/83Xvmu (if you want to buy more tickets, or pay by bank transfer, or have any questions)
Tickets also can be bought:
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1034 Bp. Bécsi u. 100.
Tel.: +36-1-631-7498 (workdays 9:00-16:00)